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Privacy Statement of Limited

Under the Data Protection legislation, Limited (hereafter “RRCL”) must comply with certain regulations designed to ensure that any data provide is processed with proper care and attention - but in any event Limited ('RRCL') is committed to safeguarding the privacy of Users (defined below) of RRCL's site (the 'Site') and the following explains the information gathering and dissemination practices of RRCL relating to the Site.

In this Privacy Policy, a 'User' is one who uses the Site and who register their details with RRCL for the purposes of recruitment, which can be either the gaining of employment or the recruiting of staff (and the masculine includes the feminine, the singular the plural and vice versa).

Except as permitted by this Privacy Policy, RRCL will not share a User's information with third parties without the User's prior consent.

Where the Site contains links to third-party sites, this Privacy Policy does not apply to such sites.

Data Collected by RRCL.

RRCL collects personal data for the purpose of assisting in the recruitment process. This data consists of information as follows (which list may not be exclusive) where appropriate: the User's name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, nationality (which item of information RRCL is required by law to collect) current remuneration level, education history, work history and all other details comprising a User's curriculum vitae ('CV') as submitted by the User, details of available jobs, plus the User's responses to assessments administered through the Site and the results of such assessments. Additionally, RRCL collects personal information from Users via enquiry and registration forms and also on each occasion that Users e-mail details to RRCL.

Supplementary information relevant to the recruitment service which RRCL provides may also be collected by RRCL, including a record of any contact RRCL may have with candidates in the course of recruitment assignments and details of reference checks, education verification and other recruitment-related research which RRCL may effect.

In addition, RRCL may collect information automatically (which information could include demographic data, geographic trends and browsing patterns) in order to assist strategic development, to audit usage of the Site and generally to provide RRCL with an enhanced understanding of the Users of the Site as a group. Such information would only be used in aggregate form and would not contain information of a personally identifiable nature.


By a User's use of this website and by his registration of his details with RRCL, the User agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and consents to RRCL's collection of and processing of sensitive/personal data supplied by the User and the User also consents to RRCL's transfer of this information to potential employers/candidates in relation to the process of recruitment.

Before releasing a User's personal data to potential employers, or candidates, or to any other third parties, RRCL will first require them to agree to use the User's personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Third Parties

Where necessary, RRCL will pass to prospective or intended employers or candidates for the purpose of recruitment. In addition, RRCL may share aggregate information with selected third parties, though in this event RRCL will disclose neither individual names nor any identifying information.

Safeguarding of Data

RRCL complies with the Data Protection legislation. Personal data will only be made available to the staff of RRCL and to those third parties who help RRCL to process data and (in order to assist the process of recruitment) to prospective employers or candidates.

'Cookies' and Their Use.

'Cookies', small items of personal information stored by one's browser on the hard drive of one's computer, used to store and track information, allow the server to take back information from the browser.

Generally (but not necessarily exclusively) RRCL uses Cookies on the Site for the following purposes:

to save the User's User ID and Password;

to allow easy access to the Site (by alerting RRCL as to who the User is) and to access the User' member information (stored on RRCL's computers) in order to offer a service which strives constantly to be improved and become ever more personalised;

RRCL collects Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses, which may be used to send to Users the employment recommendations relevant to them; and

6.2.4. to record searches Users have made during visits to the Site;

If a User selects the "Save User ID & Password" option, he thereby informs RRCL that RRCL should always assume that the User is the person logging onto his computer. Therefore, if the User's computer is shared with other people, RRCL recommends that when the User signs out of his account he selects the 'Don't remember my details' option. By so doing, the User will remove all details from the Cookie.

Accessing, Correcting, or Removing your Data.

Users have the right to check whether RRCL holds personal data about them, to access such personal data and to correct any personal data about them that is inaccurate or out-of-date.

Where the disclosing of an item of information would interfere with the privacy rights of another person or where it would breach confidentiality attaching to that item of information, RRCL will withhold access from certain portions of the User's database record.

If a User wishes to exercise his right of access to his personal information, or if he wishes to make further inquiries or complaints about the Privacy Policy of RRCL, he should either send an e-mail for the attention of the Managing Director of RRCL at or post a letter to the Managing Director atOrchard Building, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX in the event that a User wishes access to his personal information, he will require to verify his identity to RRCL. RRCL will not charge the User for providing access. It is understood that the processing of an application for access may take up to 30 days.

Subject to the requirement of legislation (whereby RRCL is obliged to hold a User's data for 12 months after it was last used) in the event that a User wishes RRCL to delete his registration profile from the Site's database, the User should send an e-mail message to this effect to RRCL (which e-mail should have the words 'Remove User' in the subject line and should include the User's full name. User ID and telephone number in the body of the message).

After 12 months of non-usage, RRCL will contact the User to ask him if he wants to keep his details on the database of RRCL. If the User does not indicate by signing in to RRCL that he wishes his details to be retained on RRCL's database, RRCL will archive the User's account.

Changes to RRCL's Privacy Policy

In the event that RRCL makes privacy policy changes (whether for business reasons or because of legislative changes) such alterations will be posted on these Privacy Policy pages and may also be announced via the Site.

How we used Cookies - Not to be confused with Cookies of the choc chip or hazelnut variety!

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